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Before we understand the importance of coding at early age , first let’s understand what is coding?

Coding is a list of step-by-step instructions that get computers to do what we want them to do. Coding makes it possible for us to create computer software, games, apps and websites. Coders, or programmers, are people who write the programmes behind everything we see and do on a computer.

When kids are introduced to coding, they gain appreciation of how digital technology work. Digital technology is a big part of many kids’ lives, as they are surrounded by smart phones, video games, video entertainment, websites, and even robots. What drives this technology are software or computer programs that are created by coding.  It is important for kids to understand the building blocks of an integral part of their life. They need to realize that what happens when they use technology and they themselves can create programs that can be useful.
By knowing what happens under the hood of modern technology and its shear benefits, below are the few points given where coding is important for kids and students at an early age:

  • Enhancement in computational thinking

  • Learn to use logic

  • Learn problem solving

  • Learn how things work and create things that work

  • Learn to anticipate and avoid problems 

  • Learn structural thinking 

  • Enhancement in algorithmic thinking 

  • Kids exercises creativity and in a fun way , learn to create stuff that works

  • Coding shows math in action

  • Coding encourages kids to think out of the box.

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